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Strategic Information Management

The IT sector is changing from a pure support function to a core element of the business.
This idea is particularly reinforced in times of digitization and with the many unexploited opportunities to generate information about customers and markets which can be targeted for planning and developing.
Not only the company as a whole but also the IT department must plan strategically and need to take action to meet the requirements of the increasing complexity due to the interaction of operational business and IT.

The main tasks in IT management are related to the provision of IT systems (hardware, software and support) to adequately assist the production processes, marketing and sales processes, controlling, purchasing, customer billing, corporate management, etc.We advise decision-makers in the departments on all IT-related questions, for example, to act globally or locally, internally or externally.

The IT component is one of the most complex ones in a business.
A pure consideration of costs does not tell initially a lot about the economy efficiency.In fact, the increasing automation of business processes is driving the IT costs, but it can be quite useful for the company. An upgraded IT department covers almost all business processes. The IT division also has to go through ongoing adjustments and must manage developments or projects as well as ensure the correct operation.

adjust supports you as a sparring partner in this complex field and can help you to find the right structure and partners.