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Financing and Liquidity

Against the background of negative dynamics of the financial market crisis, the question of corporate financing and liquidity, even in times of good corporate results, low interest rates and high liquidity moves increasingly to the foreground.
What happens when the good parameters are changing? Do you know how your financing parties react? Which demands are requested by regulation, ratings and equity investors? How do things stand when the company figures are declining?

Fact is that the financial markets, particularly banks, set increasing demands on companies, both in their shape and size, but also in time and quality aspects. This results in a few questions - which contain opportunities and risks. This should be questioned and examined.
These are, among others: What other options of debt and equity financing are available or will be available? How can you be prepared for them or rather how can a finance department or the management optimize these processes in order to achieve the best possible result and to achieve a high stability of the financing?

As professionals in this field, we encourage you today to align your company to the already changing market situation and to implement stable and standardized processes to the greatest possible extent, in order to be able to "deliver" also in difficult days.

We prepare your company for that together with you and we will put it in an optimal position.
adjust knows both sides: Financial markets and the industry.
adjust has the necessary practical experience!

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