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Sales Planning and Sales Management

Optimize your sales planning and sales management.

Sales planning and forecasting are extremely important processes. They help the company to derive the necessary resources. In line with the development of sales planning and sales forecasts, it is not just about the introduction of planning tools with the aim to create detailed forecasts, but rather a process of transformation, in which the interface between production, logistics and finance, among others, are readdressed and designed.

The following subjects should be included and discussed:

  • Establishing the content and the right level of detail for the forecasting
  • Definition of the necessary information and analysis to achieve the greatest benefit to ensure that your forecasts are based on valid assumptions
  • Development of a first-class sales planning & forecasting process that supports the decision-making and a proactive approach to problems and opportunities
  • Introduction of support systems that enable the creation of simulations and risk analysis

adjust has extensive and deep project experience and will find together with your employees the correct definitions.The support during the implementation and the introduction to your employees is essential for us.

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